Friday, November 28, 2008

My Boy Painted a Tree Today

There are "things I should be doing 'online', but I'm just having too much fun with these guys:


Noel and Lennon are being super-cute fun together - MOST of the time...there are still the moments where I find Noel in the prolonged "hug" (read: strangle hold), or Lennon with a size 10 Toddler shoe in his face, but a lot of the time, it's good, and I think it only gets better. 

Today Noel painted a tree.  I'm impressed.


Noel (who introduces himself as "Noel Bowl"), age 2 yrs. 9 mo.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tyler, We Want to Meet You!

When I first moved out on my own, I could not cook.  A gourmet meal to me was hummus and Wheat Thins.  A few years back, I worked from home.  Well, working from home for me, meant sitting in front of the TV with my laptop, working.  It was the life!  However, even with 200 channels (thank you, DirecTV), there were times when there wasn't much on TV.  I came across Food Network during one of these days, and it happened to be around Christmas time.  Tyler Florence, who was then the host of Food 911 (RIP), was helping someone make restaurant quality steaks.  I was hooked.  

We began to DVR episodes of Food 911 and Tyler's Ultimate religiously.  We tried a LOT of Tyler's meals.  We watch Tyler's Ultimate still, today, on pins and needles, wondering what amazing, incredible dish Tyler's going to show us how to make this week (sloppy joe's with squash slaw!?!)  To be quite frank, Elliott and I love Tyler.  We feel like he's our long lost brother.  He's the kind of guy you'd want to make you dinner, then hope that he'll sit down and eat with you.  We're pretty sure we'd get along with this guy like peanut butter and jelly (speaking of...).

So yesterday, I was checking Twitter, and I remebered a Fellow Twit had mentioned meeting him at the Food & Wine Festival in NYC.  I wanted to follow up and see how it was.  I confessed to her that he is my cooking inspiration...and the die was cast!  She gave me the idea to publicly ask for Tyler to come give my husband and I a cooking lesson.  In fact, I thought of an even better idea for Tyler's time with us!  I am a good cook, but my kitchen is insanely disorganized.  I'd love for him to help us get organized so we can cook his fab meals without feeling overwhelmed by our kitchen...and then, of course, we would use our new found skills to cook an insanely good meal together and eat it with him in our living room while we watch The Brady Kids cartoons or Scooby Doo.  That's not too much to ask, is it?!?  

Help me, my friends...get Tyler to come over!!!  Leave me a comment-I'll use it as a "petition".  Word is out on Twitter for anyone that knows Tyler, and I am guessing that with the power of social networking, we can get this to happen (ya know, if Tyler WANTS to *please!!*).  Thanks, everyone!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

From the E$

I just really like this picture, don't you? My husband took it.
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Who's Who?

Can you tell? I had one where they looked even more alike, but Lennon had his hand in his face, so I went with this one. They are the exactly the same age in these pictures. Lennon is doing great...he's a little bruiser & totally fearless. He's got someone he wants to keep up with, so he's ready to go. He still centipedes through the house, but now he just goes about 100 mph. He can pull himself up and has started working his way around tables and such. He loves his big brother, and his big bro is starting to love him back. It's pretty nice to have these two playing together. The past 8 months haven't been easy, but this makes up for it in spades. I love to see them smiling in each other's faces, and I reaaaaaaally love to see Noel give Lennon hugs and kisses. It's been a long time coming.
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