Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Tour of Brotherly Love

The past couple of times Noel & Lennon have trotted out the instruments, I've taken out the camera and started snapping photos. All of them but this one are candid. They had both been placing the pick on their eyes, and I thought it would make a good picture. Noel would not oblige once I asked them to take one together. Still, a good future album cover shot.

I am going to make a habit of taking these pictures while they play. They aren't really playing anything at this point, but it is fascinating to see them study the guitar and bass and see the different sounds they can create as they turn knobs, flip switches, use the picks to discover sounds on the strings: up, down, sideways...they don't just make noise. They are discovering. I am seeing young musicians as they teach themselves their craft.

Don't be afraid to let your kids play around with your things...teach them respect for them, but let them learn from them. You will be amazed.

I also love this picture because they are doing the exact same thing, the exact opposite way, which pretty much sums up them to a T.
Another insert in a future album cover, right? They look like they are so deep in conversation, discussing the recording of their latest song. Mark my words...