Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas To All...

and to all a good night...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Like My New Banner?

My friend, Charlie, has great design sensibilities. She knows my style, because it's very much like her own (see her groovy Christmas Card). She just made my new banner, literally in about 10 minutes. Isn't she awesome??

Friday, December 19, 2008

People are Passionate About Radishes

Last night Elliott and I were discussing how much we dislike radishes.  I nonchalantly posted on Twitter about our distaste for the veggie.  Twitter also updates my Facebook's the ensuing string of comments from the peanut, er...radish (?) gallery: 

Laura my husband and i both agree: radishes SUCK.via Twitter -9:40pm - 19 Comments
 Melissa Allen White at 9:45pm December 18
i'd have to agree as well
 Niki Jorgenson at 9:56pm December 18
oh, i would have to politely disagree. i love the radishes. i like to eat them as a snack.
 Melanie E Boyd at 10:01pm December 18
Spicy, colorful, and nearly no calories. What's not to love?!
 Shelly Doyle Shuey at 11:31pm December 18
I'm a fan. Wouldn't want them in my birthday cake or anything, but I like 'em.
 Joe Fay at 11:32pm December 18
Yeah, but the band Radish rocked a little. Oh, young Ben Kweller, we hardly knew ye.
 Elliott Seymour at 7:27am December 19
Well, after a lot of thought, I have decided that the reason that I don't like radishes is that they taste like sh*t.
 Melissa Allen White at 7:56am December 19
I just don't like them..probably one of the only veggies I don't like~ personally don't know what sh*t tastes like..but I will take your word for it. ;-)
 Elliott Seymour at 8:00am December 19
Hey Melissa, you know what sh*t tastes like? Radishes.
 Melissa Allen White at 8:00am December 19
OH's early I wasn't thinking clearly!
 Laura Beaty Seymour at 8:09am December 19
little did i know that the great radish debate would unfold right here on my facebook page...
 Elliott Seymour at 8:24am December 19
Radish memories: I remember getting my first taste of the cursed radish. It was in a salad - that's how they slip them to you, ya know. Anyhow, I thought I had bit into a rotting onion...or a rat carcass. To this day, I still hate rat carcasses. And radishes.
 Joe Fay at 9:37am December 19
I think the difference between sh*t and radishes is that sh*t actually has a taste. Radishes "taste" like drywall. And by the way, why do people put f*cking cabbage in lettuce for salads!!?? It has no taste, either. And restaurants that offer a "fruit cup" that's 90% canteloupe and green melon, the cheapest and most tasteless fruits on the market. THANKS FOR THE HALF STRAWBERRY AND TWO GRAPES AND 17 SLICES OF MELON IN MY FRUIT CUP! STOP USING CHEAP FILLER MATERIAL IN OUR FOODS, A**HOLES!
 Laura Beaty Seymour at 9:49am December 19
note to self: keep radishes, cabbage, and melon away from joe fay.
 Elliott Seymour at 10:08am December 19
I like the increasing use of profanity in this post about radishes.
 Elliott Seymour at 10:09am December 19
...d*mn it.
 Melissa Allen White at 12:24pm December 19
f@ckers! ;-) This post made my day!
 Jill Marie Sullins at 3:00pm December 19
I think radishes are f-ing gross and I wouldn't eat them if they were the last thing on this damn earth. Why? Because they taste like nothing. They are almost as bad as water chestnuts. Don't get me started on water chestnuts.
 Elliott Seymour at 3:27pm December 19
Amen, Jill, Amen.
 Laura Beaty Seymour at 7:31pm December 19
this is maybe the best comment string EVER.

Monday, December 8, 2008