Monday, May 26, 2008

All Together Now

We spent most of yesterday at our friends' home. They live about 40 minutes from us. I am not too inclined to spend more than 15 minutes in the car after commuting an hour or more each way for 3 + years, but for these people, it's totally worth it. We have very few "couple" friends. In fact, I think Joe & Lisa are our only couple friends, and that's just fine with us. They are the perfect friends for us, because they are us. I mean, who is more suited to be our pals, than people who named their twin daughters after characters in a J.D. Salinger novel?

We spent the day playing with babies and eating hamburgers on their patio. Even though it was a zillion degrees out and we had to trot out every baby gadget known to man to bring the kids outside comfortably, it was such a great time. It was amazing to see how they've so easily fallen into the role of parents of twins. They're total naturals. I knew they would be, but twins just seems like such a challenge to me. I can tell that as much as we are alike as couples, we will be alike as parents. I can see many fun play dates and family barbecues in our future.

I love going into a house that is relaxed & comfortable and just feels so much like my own home. They've got hundreds of books & CDs, walls of great movies & TV series, and band stickers on their washer & dryer. We can talk about anything from bands, to movies, to diapers, to baby schedules and it's enjoyable. They treat our kids as if they were their own. They're just dependable as friends, and it makes me glad to know that we'll have them in our lives always.


mamasnest said...

you are so lucky woman! David and I both have some great friends but we have no, zip, zero, couple friends. Noone we can just all hang together with, one double dates or as families. I REALLY miss that! Enjoy it!

Umbrella Shoppe Collectibles said...

Yes, Joe & Lisa rock!