Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Saturday...

(aka: i haven't posted in a really long time and i really don't know where to even start).

So, my kids are now 2 & 4. I thought 2 & 4 would start out differently. For a while, it was kind of...chaotic. Somehow it's getting un-chaotic. The boys are getting along WELL a majority of the time. There is calm some of the time. Everyone sleeps at night. No one is coughing or throwing up. It is a good time.

Today we sat and did "cravs" for a long time. We hit Hobby Lobby and got some new supplies. We got scissors for Lennon. We got everyone their own gluestick. Ok, I was even on top of things enough that I bought the Easter eggs and baskets and stuff to decorate them for a school party that isn't for three whole weeks. I am mad on top of things. My breathing is easy. My demeanor is calm. I like it in this place.

I want to sit and stay for a while...

I'm planning to start writing here again, because I like it. And I miss it.

I'm also going to start writing over at Disco Fries and Pop. I'm headed over there in a minute to write about the Mod Podge I created today with a People's "Year's Greatest" from 1979. The parallels from that year and today are stunning. Really.

I just posted some new pics of my big boys. Take a peek.

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