Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Around the Kitchen

"Cocky doo"...as Noel would say. This means "Cock-a-doo-dle doo-dle doo" in his little language. He's starting to sing along to songs, but he wants to say every word, so it comes out much slower than the actual song version. While he sings he bobs up and down. Sometimes he'll be playing his "Barnin geetah" or, Barney guitar along to the music in his head, or sometimes he'll bring out "cymbals", also known as the lids to 2 stainless steel pots. Yes, it's as loud as it sounds. Sometimes he'll don his inherited white sunglasses that mommy gave him, and his chopsticks and play his "drums", which are several cardboard boxes that he's colored and turned into his kit.

Last weekend the boys and I went to our "cunzins" (Noel) house for the afternoon. Getting to a different city in this metroplex is no small feat. You are forced to take highway almost all the time. Our cousins live about 50 minutes from us, all but about 2 miles of it, highway. I got lost on the way there, getting on the wrong highway, and the whole trip to their house took about 1 1/2 hrs. I have not had this problem before, and I am curious to know how other people would handle this situation. Here's the worst part: I LOST MY FREAKING CELL PHONE. AHHHHHHHHHHH. The thing I really use like once a day to call home, that is nothing more than a phone...it's lost.

I needed to ask for directions, but I did NOT want to wake the sleeping baby, nor did I want to drag both sleeping baby and 2 year old that doesn't like to hold hands into a store. Obviously, I can't leave them in the car, because I can not trust anyone, anywhere, at any time to not jump in my car and speed off with my children. I can't lock them in the car, for obvious reasons-it's 100 degrees, and again with the "can't trust anybody" thing. So, while I'm frantically trying to find my way on toll roads, I start going through the change lane so I can ask the people if they know where this street is. Well, no one speaks English. I won't bore you with the rest of the details. I finally, finally found my way...but we were in the car forever.

What amazed me, was that I was the only one who was stressed. Noel was happy listening to Dan Zanes and singing and talking to me, and Lennon slept almost the whole time. They were both great. I was the one freaking out because I was panicking that THEY were going to freak out. I forget how much more carefree they are than I am. They don't know what it is to be lost, or to not know which direction to take. They've never been on their own. They've never had to make a really hard choice. Their life is an adventure, always, every day. When does our life stop becoming an adventure and start being real, and adult? Why does it have to be that we can't see how great it is, just to be alive and hanging out in the car, singing along to your favorite CD with your mom? I remember sharing moments like that with my mom in the car, as a kid, and just being happy and carefree. It stinks that we have to lose that just because we have to take on responsibility. Can't we have it all?

*We had a great time at the cunzins too! I was happy to find some kids with similar temperaments as my children. This is another post for another day, but I sort of wonder if it's because we're related and their mom and I have very similar temperaments, as do our husbands (uh, at least I think-if she reads this, she may think differently! teehee). Just something to consider-nature/nurture-wise.

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