Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oatmeal Time!

Tomorrow, Lennon will be four months old. How unbelievable! It's not just exciting that he's getting older & wiser, but it means that he can eat food! I was at the store the other day and found Earth's Best cereals on sale, so I bought a box of each kind. This weekend, I'll get some carrots, peaches, green beans and sweet potatoes and start the old food processor up. I love making my own baby food. It's super easy and I know exactly how long sat on a shelf-never!

I found this website when I started making food for Noel and I found it really helpful. It even has recipes for making your own cereal, but I want to check with the doctor on that one before I go down that road. I want to make sure Lennon's getting the iron he needs so he'll be big and strong. :) According to Wholesome Baby Food, making your own is fine, but I'll still double check.

This is exciting to me mainly for one reason. Sleep. Beautiful, glorious sleep. Noel was sleeping through the night at 2 months. Lennon, not so much. He isn't fully waking up, or even necessarily wanting to eat...he's just super restless, especially at night. I hope that the heartier food will keep him filled up and more calm at night...Let's hope.

The one and only drawback to the whole "real food" scenario is the poop. The poop will go from being easy and not smelly to gross...but it's worth it. My hungry, hungry hippo will hopefully be satisfied and start to sleep through the night...I'll keep you posted.

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Li Li said...

Dang! They grow up so fast! So...four months huh? That is when the food-food can make an apperance? That is exciting to know!