Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amy & Laura are in a Hula Hoop Contest!

Amy, my MumsTheWurd! partner & friend, and I are Wii-ing it up together.  Today will mark my 5th day using the Wii Fit.  I don't know if I can explain in a blog post how much I despise exercising.  Perhaps this is why the Wii Fit called me a weakling and a couch potato...but anyway...

The Wii Fit is FUN!  It's exercise, but you can do things like Hula Hooping, Yoga, Strength Training with a trainer, etc.  It's something I can see myself doing every day for 30 minutes, at least.  Elliott & I are both love the sports disc too, which includes things like tennis, boxing, and bowling. 

The most interesting thing about the Wii Fit, is that it does a body test when you first plug it in, and tells you what you weigh, your BMI, sets goals, etc.  I was amazed!  I fell into a category I was ok with, but I know it could be better.  I'm pretty excited to see what happens over the next couple of weeks Wii-ing with Amy!

Over 4 days, I've done the Wii Fit for at least 25 minutes, done other games on the sports package (a workout too!), and done outside activities (like walking for 1 1/2 hrs. at the zoo)...and I gained 2 lbs., as of last night.  We'll see if that's different today, because I'd just had dinner when I did the body test last night. 

Amy & I will be logging our "activities" over the next couple of weeks to keep each other honest.  Right now, I think we both love the Hula Hoop most-Amy caught 5 hoops at once!  My highest was 3, but geesh, who knew hula hooping was such a freaking workout?  I have been feeling the effects of the workouts-I am SORE!!!  

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