Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something Old, Something New

I’m less than 1 month from being 33. While that’s not really that old, it does bring me that much closer to “middle age”. With the advent of this birthday, I feel like making some positive changes, starting now. This is the personality I’ve been dealt: Put everything off until the last possible minute & do the least amount of work to accomplish a task. Humph. There are times when I’ve actually enjoyed these characteristics, but lately they’ve been getting on my nerves. So, what do I do? I’ll try to change my behavior.

Let’s start with the basics. I’m a lazy loafer by nature. I’ve come a long way, but I am far from being “perky” or a “go getter”. Here’s what I want to do every day that I don’t currently do:

  • Pick up after myself and my children (with their help). Don’t leave it for someone else (ahem, don’t leave it for my husband).
  • Put on make-up and brush my hair (that’s right, friends, I don’t brush my hair every day).
  • Exercise using the Wii Fit 30 minutes a day. Every day is the only way I can do it, because otherwise, I will excuse myself if I’m doing it “every other day”. This will quickly turn in to “every two days”, “every three days”, and then become never. So, every day, it is.

These are all quite doable. These are easy. I can do this, right? Should I blog my progress? Will it hold me accountable? Oh, I guess I should add another bullet:

  • Maintain this blog every day


By the time I’m 34, here’s what I hope to accomplish, along with keeping up with the above daily schedule:

  • A career that I love, and enjoy doing, and am able to do from home. I want to work with people that respect me, are smart, and are aligned with me. I see this coming down the pike, and it’s so exciting!!!
  • Saving money and paying down debt. Money stresses me out, and I don’t like to be stressed. Enough said.
  • Having our home fixed up and everything in perfect working condition. There are only small improvements that need to be made right now-horray!
  • Possibly living in a different home.

I know this probably seems simple, and most of you probably already do all these things. Hopefully I will join you.

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