Monday, June 22, 2009

This Is Ridiculous

I've commanded myself to start blogging again. Every DAY. YES. EVERY FREAKING DAY.

Guess when I started blogging? At the end of 2004. Yeah, unfortunately, for one reason or another, that blog is no longer being maintained, but it sure was a lot of fun...Since then, I have written here and there on one variation of my original blog, but it just never was right. I started My Two Sons with the best of intentions, but then, well, I had 2 kids to take care of, and I was tired. I'm still tired, but I want to write again, because I like it, and I need to practice at it, and I want to be even better at it. I don't care really what I start writing about...I'm just going to do it.

I got inspired because I realized that this blog has been linked to twice recently, and uh, my last post was in February (I named the last picture "The Princess & Her Peas"). I guess like any diary I've ever started...well, you know how it goes, if you're anything like me...That being said, I want to chronicle life with these guys, and I want to have a place to go back and look, and laugh, and relive the moments that I think are important enough to capture here.

If you care to see what I've been up to more recently, you can check out my other site, where I talk about things I like for kids, and where I sometimes talk about my kids, MumsTheWurd! OH! And do me a favor, will ya? If you can't see anything except the header there, email me, and take your ad blocker off, and you should be able to see it...

Annnnnnnddddd...In a few weeks, my husband and our business partners will be opening up a children's art store, Space Monkey: Quality Art for Children's Spaces. We'll be offering the coolest 12" x 12" canvases you'll ever lay eyes on & your kids will think you're the coolest parents EVER for getting them such groovy artwork.

I'm back...again.

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Welcome back!


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