Thursday, May 19, 2011

where does the time go?

i've probably written this 8 billion times by now, but really...WHERE? these boys are just growing up so darn fast.
yesterday, we had noel's first t-ball practice with kids from his kindergarten.
as you might imagine, it was AWESOME and hilarious and adorable.
the kids and parents were great and i have a good feeling about the school and his class and the families that we will get to know this year. it all feels very right.
a few weeks ago, our neighborhood had an art festival. i got their faces painted. the next day, they wanted them done again, so i did it myself. here's how it turned out. one of the face-painters at the fair stopped me and asked if there was another face painting booth somewhere. if so, it was a renegade. they were supposed to be the only ones there. when i told her i did it myself, she said i was talented. maybe i have a future...
even though they can really go at it, these guys are pretty good buddies, and i love that. it will be weird when they lead more separate lives next year...i hope it doesn't change their relationship too much.
if there ever was a class clown...

i'm ready for summer and to have a bit more time to devote to my boys. i have a feeling that a lot of things will change next year. i feel their little-child-ness dwindling away...

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