Friday, July 3, 2009

The Missing Piece

Of all the relatives that have died over my lifetime, I miss my Grandma Logan (Neena) the most. I think it is because of her really strong, yet loving personality. She was the matriarch. Her husband, my beloved Grandpa Logan (known also as BoBa), was the quiet strong type, and he was amazing too...but she held the reigns. I feel like it was her that really gave our family it's sense of how important family is to us.

Her and my Grandpa set a great example, and extending open arms to their three favorite little ladies. My favorite memories of childhood almost always include my grandparents. There was something special about them. Something I hope Noel and Lennon see in their grandparents.

It makes me sad that we aren't with them more, which is why I am so thankful for this amazing internet. Really. What a great way to stay connected to the people I love and miss. I loved spending every holiday with them. I loved how we all just knew that either of the Logan's or Beaty's would have everyone over for every important time. It was something really special, and something I want to continue. I am so thankful for the Neen and how much more she made you all to me.


Naomi said...

Noel looks just like you! Crazy.

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

I'm with Naomi, it's seriously insane how much Noel looks like you. Like... EXACTLY.

This was touching. We lived so far from my extended family. I really missed out on having a close bond with anyone. Your story is very touching to me.

jayfersgirl said...

Okay, that's crazy -- I thought that was Noel in that picture:)

Laura Seymour said...

cara, that is hilarious!

we do look pretty much exactly alike. and we have very similar personalities. it makes things "interesting". ;)

Molly said...

dude, I always thought Noel looked just like E...but he does look just like a little Laura!