Sunday, July 26, 2009

I WAS NOT AT BLOGHER! and I got Way More Than a Lousy T-Shirt

I think I am the only person alive that wasn't at least from what I saw on Twitter. My parents were visiting, and we celebrated my 33rd birthday. My parents graciously stayed with the boys while we went out with friends. We stayed out until MIDNIGHT *gasp*! From what I've read, I think I had a way, way, way, WAY better time spending 3 days off with my whole family, and not in Chicago. Although I would have LOVED to go to Chicago to visit many wonderful friends, I feel like I didn't miss much as far as the conference. I've never been to a BlogHer, and I doubt I will ever go, truthfully. I just don't feel like it's my cup of tea. I'd much rather just plan a family trip to visit real life friends and blogging friends. I swear, I'm really fun...but I'm not the kind of person that's going to plan my outfits on my blog. I'll be the person in the Old Navy clothes (cute "little black dress" there for $15, and get the second 1/2 off, by the way...), with my hair up. I may or may not have on any makeup -*even lipstick*. My legs probably won't be shaved, but my pits will. I will encourage everyone to get dessert & use butter. I will act silly & make jokes that might or might not be 100% appropriate. If it's inappropriate, that means I am comfortable with you and we'll probably be friends for life. Don't take me too seriously, because I don't take myself seriously. My motto is "Just be cool, man. Be cool." We're all just trying to get one foot in front of the other, and try to succeed at life. There's a real life going on behind this computer screen, ya know? Let's try to remember that...Be nice. Be cool. It does not matter to me if you're sponsored a brand, or if you've received a major award for being a blogger. I like YOU for YOU.

Does that make sense?

Enough of the serious stuff. Here's what good times we had at my Trader Vic's Birthday Party!

An interesting tidbit about Trader Vic's: When the restaurant closed it's doors in Dallas, they kept EVERYTHING as it was, and when they reopened, they left it just the same. It's FREAKING AWESOME. We sat in the Elvis booth, where he sat when he visited. RAD.

Elliott and one of our Space Monkey comrades, Charlie.
Normally, Sarah is watching the boys while Elliott and I go out. After 3 1/2 years, we finally get to have a childless night out with Sarah again!
A drink with rock candy. Loco.
Good times!

Tomorrow, I'll post a few of the whole fam and our weekend.


icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

This looks like so much fun!

I'll never go to Blogher either. I don't think that things like that are fun. I mean, it's probably a great thing to do in respect to networking and making connections... but I'm so uncomfortable at conferences and organized gatherings.

Heather! said...

See, that was me before, wondering what the heck I was doing going. I didn't fret over my clothes. I dragged all three kids out the day before to buy some cheap a$$ shoes at Sears. The two sessions I went to with Katherine Orenstein of the --that alone was worth the price of admission. The sheer size and diversity actually made it easier to do your own thing. Don't count it out entirely!

Naomi said...

Happy Birthday! Love the volcano bowls. Mmm.

You probably had just as much fun, honestly. There were good things (mostly meeting people in person) but so much questionable behavior and greediness that it was unnerving. Plus my cell phone didn't work in the session rooms, which is probably how I never hooked up with Amy. Bleh.

Of course, I firmly believe MTW needs to go en masse to BlogHer NYC in 2010...