Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys?

It used to drive me NUTS when someone would say "He's ALL BOY."

So, it still drives me nuts, but Lennon, if I were to put this kind of label on him...Well, let's just say it fits him to a T. He sort of reminds me of Fred Armisen in this picture.

Lennon has sort of been like a bat to the gut from which I am starting to recover. He's a great kid. He has always had a sort of glimmer in his eye that tells me he is always looking for a little bit of trouble. He is talkative, funny, adorable, sweet, and will hug and kiss you when you ask... That being said, his disposition and nature are quite different from Noel. Noel has always been fairly serene. I'm chalking Lennon's personality up to being the 2nd child. I am used to him being louder, wilder, and more boyish (I'm "ugh-ing" at myself)...because sometimes along with those hugs and kisses, he'll try to bite a chunk of your face off while giving you a kiss...then laugh when you howl.
Yeah, it's ADORABLE. :-

Here's the sweetness that he's had to try and live up to. I'll tell you...they don't come much sweeter than Noel.

But then, couldn't you just gobble him up? He is so, so, so, so loveable.

I should add the disclaimer that he thew up about 20 minutes after I took these pictures...

I am so thankful for them.

Watching their new favorite show "Thunderbirds". No comment.

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