Monday, November 9, 2009

I Dreamt of Her

I miss her.
Last night I had a dream about her. She had the best smile.
She loved us. She didn't want to leave us.
My children will never know her. I can't believe they won't ever know her.
I can tell them about her. How fun she was. How she loved McDonald's and shopping and ice cream and having us over. How much she loved us. How she was the matriarch of our little family, and how good she was at it.
I wish she could have lived forever. Sometimes I still can't believe she's actually gone.
I'm glad she visits me in my dreams...I only wish it was real.

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--It's Your Movie-- said...

She looks lovely. I'm so sorry, I know how it is and it sucks. I recently prayed and begged God to let me see Papa in my dreams. Even a dream hug sounds really pretty good.