Sunday, November 22, 2009

For Anissa

This past week, a fellow blogger and friend to many, Anissa Mayhew, had a major stroke and is currently in the hospital. Anissa is a young wife & mother of three. If you’ve been following #prayersforanissa this week on Twitter, you’ve also noticed that she’s touched many lives far and wide. She is a presence in life and in the blogosphere to be reckoned with, and I’ve seen why as I’ve followed her husband and friends through this trial.

Although I’m not close friends with Anissa, we’ve exchanged tweets and I’ve always found her to be a nice and very funny lady. Little did I know that she is way more than a nice gal. Anissa, I can tell, is the kind of friend that makes you feel like the most important person in the world. She’ll help you to believe you can do anything. She will make you feel stronger when you are at your weakest. I believe the reason Anissa has this way about her is because she’s a survivor. She’s a talented, smart, wickedly funny person that has overcome a previous stroke and her daughter’s fight with cancer.

If you’d like to follow Anissa’s story, please visit, follow @aiminglow on Twitter, and follow @anissamayhew as well-she WILL be back, folks. If you’d like to help her family, please go here and find out how you can help. Please keep Anissa and her family in your thoughts as they take this day by day, minute by minute.


Starting on Monday, December 7, a group of bloggers will be working together to promote an event entitled, Blog 4 Good. By hosting a series of auctions, our hope is to raise money on behalf of bloggers who need our support. All proceeds raised during the three day auction will benefit the Liz Logelin Foundation <>, a non-profit organization working to help families who have lost a spouse, life-partner, or parent, as well as Anissa Mayhew <>, a 35 year old blogger who recently suffered a stroke.

I’m pleased to tell you that The Space Monkey Shop will be auctioning an archival paper print, and every penny earned will go toward these wonderful causes.

The cool ladies hosting this event are:

Jill from Scary Mommy <>
Kacey and Francesca from Mayhem and Moxie <>
Mama Kat from Mama’s Losin It <>
Angie from 7 Clown Circus <>
Jen from Buried with Children <>
Heather from The Extraordinary

We’ll post more as we have more information on what is sure to be awesome & give hope to many.

Thank you, friends!

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