Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bye, Bye, Baby

I've noticed lately that Noel has started being confident. When he's been somewhere often enough and is comfortable with the people, he will walk in like he owns the place. I first noticed this when I would take him to work with me. At first he was shy of everyone, then he became familiar, and would walk up to the same woman every time and ask her for an apple, that she'd gladly give him.

I took him to the park the other day, and I noticed that he did everything with confidence. When we started to get in the car, he said, "Go to park," with a big smile on his face. When we got there, he said, "Hold hands, parking lot!" He knew the drill! When it was safe to be "all done" holding hands (in the grass), he let go, and ran ahead of me. He kept yelling, "I'm wunning! I'm wunning!"

I watched him run in that big field, and even though he still looked small, I know that he is slowly leaving babyhood behind, and is becoming a confident little boy.

Below is a list of things that Noel used to say before he talked like a "big boy":

RIP Noelisms

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Li Li said...

Aww! What a big boy! Does it make you a little sad that he is leaving baby hood?