Sunday, July 6, 2008

Something Borrowed, Something New

Lennon wore Noel's old hat to the Botanical Gardens yesterday. This was us trying it on him. I think this hat is supposed to be for 12-18 months. As I have stated before, they have adult-sized noggins.
"Yes, mom, my teeth are coming in. This is why I cause you to be wet constantly and why I always have my mouth open."
Can you stand the cuteness? Come on, people...that is an angel staring at you.
Noel got a new guitar after his Christmas ukulele was lost to an accident. Note to self: Do not put blankets on top of small ukuleles and then forget about them and crush them when sitting... Doesn't he look like he actually knows what he's doing? One day, I think he'll be an actual guitar player. Right now, he thinks it's cool to look like Dan Zanes, and yes, it is cool.
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