Saturday, July 5, 2008



Before the summer of 2005, our priorities were very different than they are today.  When we weren't working, our days and nights were filled with a lot of hanging out with friends, attending shows, and a lot of relaxation.  We had many good times.  We had a little club.  Our friends came over every Sunday and we'd just hang out-watch some 70s TV, or a weird movie...we'd even have theme nights.  We went to concerts.  Lots and lots of concerts.  We saw some amazing people-Dylan, The Stones, Oasis, Bowie, Weezer, the Old 97's...just to name a few.  We traveled-Disney World, Disneyland, Hawaii.  We had so many good times it's hard to recount them all here in a little post.  We were very happy with our little table for two. 


We'd been dating around four years or so when we got married, so we knew it wouldn't be long before we wanted to try and have a baby.  Ten months after we got married, we found out that we were going to have Noel.  35 1/2 weeks later, we welcomed our little 4 lb. 9 oz. son into the world, and our lives changed forever.  It's unbelievable that we can instinctually parent when we never have before.  The first time I held his tiny body next to me, I was overwhelmed with this little life that we created.  He was an amazing baby from day one, and he's a remarkable little boy now.  Just last night, he couldn't sleep, so we brought him in the living room to play for a bit.  He was so happy and full of life.  "Hello, Gidget!  Hello, Moonie!  Oh, Maddy!  (our friend that was over) Hello!  Mommy, Daddy!"  His happy little face, it just makes any trouble melt away.  He is more fun than any day at Disneyland (unless we were there with him...), he is more beautiful than the beaches of Hawaii.  He can scream louder than any girl at a Beatles concert. :)


When a second pink line showed up on a pregnancy test when Noel was 16 months old, we were a bit surprised, but excited at the prospect of another child.  This stubborn baby would keep his big head right under my ribs until the day he came into the world via c-section.  Once again, as soon as he was born, it was as if he had always been part of our family.  Lennon fit right into his role as little brother.  He loves to be held, wants to have someone in his sight at all times, and needs a bit more reassurance than Noel did.  However, as soon as he turns on his crooked grin and adorable baby giggle, the little misanthrope melts my heart.  I am anxious to see the evolution that will take place when he becomes more active and interactive with Noel, but I remind myself that I should enjoy his "babiness", because it will be over before I know it. 


Years ago, before our lives were overtaken by primary colors, Dan Zanes, and lack of sleep, we would talk about having children, and would sometimes think that this was the most insane idea in the world.  Why would we want our lives invaded by something that needed constant attention?  Why would we want to give up our days of concerts, trips, and sleeping in?  In retrospect, these questions make me feel very selfish...and I was.  At that time in our lives, we weren't ready to be parents.  Now, a little more than three years after becoming pregnant for the first time, I can't fathom our life without these two wonderful little boys.  Everything about them exudes joy, and happiness, and unconditional love.  They are more precious than anything that money can buy, and I would graciously give up anything in the world for them. 


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I know just what you mean. This was a great post, Laura!


Anonymous said...

I suppose they're pretty cool...:)