Saturday, July 12, 2008


Perhaps "freedom" isn't the most appropriate expression...but I feel like I am DSC00371starting to finally understand exactly how to deal with a needier baby.  We both give Lennon loads of attention, because if he doesn't get it, he tends to be a little "sad".  This is ok, but I really feel that to deal with a baby like this and keep your sanity, you have to find their schedule and go with it.  Or notice small nuances about what does or doesn't keep them happy and try to remember them.  We've figured out that Lennon just really needs us nearby a lot.  Even sometimes when he's sleeping.  I am finding ways to make these night time needs fewer and farther between, but I also have to be there for him if he needs me.  He's a baby.  He needs security from his parents the most right now, so that later on, he'll know that we have been there for him always, and we'll continue to beHe's been enjoying eating so much.  I think part of his new found happiness comes from his daily dose of carrots and rice cereal.  He is the baby that cries in between bites because he's so excited for more.  Noel was not so ravenous for food, so this is pretty hilarious to watch for the first time.

It's been quite interesting for us to have two children with very different baby personalities.'s almost as if they're little humans. ;-)


Naomi said...

Jasper is the same way. Roo was way more independent, her little brother wants to be held CONSTANTLY. Unfortunately, at almost a year, he is about the size she was at two. He's also very physical and is constantly moving, which is incredibly irritating in conjunction with is need to be held. But he's also very sweet and has FINALLY started to sleep in his crib on occasion, so I think there is hope.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, needy babies. Good for you for trying to figure him out!

I found you through the blog-vine...from 4 Little Men. Looks like we have stuff in common...hop on over to my place if you want. Good day to do it, too...I'm having giveaways from my favorite natural baby store!!

Take care!!!