Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Bowl

Noel is a little negotiator. "Just ONE more minute."
"Maybe after I eat my dinner I can have just a little piece of pie."
"Maybe when we go to Costco, I can get a churro."
"You should put Lennon to bed so I can play this big boy game."
Last night he read me a sentence. "This says 'Things'. This says 'that'. This says 'go'." "Things that go."
He makes jokes.
His relationship with his dad is the sweetest, most loving father/son relationship I shall ever witness (until Lennon gets a little older, and they become a trio).
He likes to play puppies. His name is "Woof Woof". I'm "Frannie". Lennon is "Big Blue".
He likes cars, and diggers, and trucks. He greets every car he sees. "Hi, Whitey." "Hi, Silvery." and my personal favorite, "Hi, Blacky."
When putting him to bed, he will give you kisses so you'll stay. He'll hug you around the neck so you "Don't leave!"
He is a good brother, a good son, and I couldn't be happier that he is my little boy. The Bowl is 3 1/2.

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