Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm A Stinker

And I know it.

I love this kid. He's such a little smartie. He knows what he wants, and he will tell you...LOUDLY. He mimics his big brother. He adores him. He is ready to be a Big Boy, just like Noel.
He is 26 lbs. of pure trouble. He's long and lean, and he has a big head to encase that big brain. He says a million words, and he babbles pretend sentences. He can't wait to really join in on the conversation. He likes to "PEE!" on the toilet, and brush his teeth while he goes. He likes to take a bath and pour water on his brother's head. He likes to laugh when you tell him "no" and run away from you (laughing).
He will lay his head on your shoulder when you hug him. He wants to be "Uppa! Uppa!", in your arms. If you're sitting down, he will come sit in your lap. He has the sweetest giggle, and a toothy, adorable grin that will melt your heart.
Lennon, Lemon Juice, Lennon Spa-chem-an (Spaceman), Jucifer is 1 1/2.

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