Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Moment

We've embarked on something new in our parenting journey. We call it The Very, Insanely Willful Child. Literally, there are times when I say "Put your arms up!" to change his jammies, and he'll put them down and give me a dirty look. Oh my...to be 3 1/2 again...or not. This evening, he was being very good, and even though he cried when we left Rosa's (Taco Tuesday, baby) because we wouldn't get sopapillas, on the whole, it was a good night.

After Lennon went to bed, we had Noel's "Special Time", a 15 minute window of hanging out with just Elliott and me. Tonight I introduced him to one of my very favorite records of all time, The Point. Nilsson was a genius. Noel loves music, and his taste rivals his father's. I can see many future arguments which might go something like "No! Exile on Main Street is infinitely better than Let it Bleed". The other day, he asked me to play "Johnny Thunder" by The Kinks. Whoa.

Needless to say, I was a little nervous that he wouldn't like this album and story that is so dear to my heart. I put it on, and he immediately started air drumming, and the look on his face actually got me choked up. He looked awestruck. It was so adorable. We sat, listened to the music and the story, and looked through the comic-like book that came with the album (yes, as in LP). It was one of those moments as a parent that I thought "I hope I remember this forever."

The Point is something that has always been in my life. I used to listen to it with my parents, and sing every word with my mom. I remember how excited we were when we found the video tape at the video store, and how happy I was when I rediscovered it and found it on Amazon 10 years ago. Then, I had no idea that 10 years later, I would share a special moment with my own child, listening to the same record that is so dear to me.

Isn't it cool that we have access to movies, music, shows, toys and games that we loved as children, and now have the ability to share them with our own? We are probably the first generation to have the massive library of "stuff" to pass on and enjoy with our kids. That is just so cool to me.

What's something special from your childhood that you have shared with your children?


Naomi said...

Me and My Arrow... so awesome.

Jennifer McNichols said...

I have a similar story with The Point. I used to pour over my dad's album and story book and was more than happy to take it off his hands when he started getting rid of his albums. Alas, fixing the record player is on the never ending list of things to do (I need to drop $100 on a new needle) so we let Z watch the video first and she LOVES it. I'm so excited to incorporate it into our homeschooling (it *is* all about good citizenship, right?!) as she gets older and starts to understand more of the subtleties. Oh, and three? MUCH harder than the so-called "terrible twos." Four was awesome, five is proving to be a bit difficult. :)