Sunday, August 23, 2009

Making the Best of an Unfortunate Situation

Sometimes I get wrangled into things I shouldn't...and I always regret it later. Without going into detail, I was involved in a review blog that went sour. What do you do when you've got sour milk? Can you make something with it? I don't know...Can you use it as buttermilk? Well, from this sour milk, I got Anna-my buttermilk. Anna is a fellow mum, and a terrific friend. She would bend over backwards and do cartwheels, flips, and an entire gymnastic routine for you, if you asked her too. She is one of the most giving and loving people that I know.
There are times when I am sure that Anna and I were separated at birth. We both love music, hanging with our families, LOST, cooking, and share a similar sense of humor. She is the real deal. She is awesomesauce.
I've not had the pleasure of meeting Anna and her super-duper family yet, but I see it in our future. Elliott loves all things American history, and the Holler's happen to live in Philadelphia, just a few blocks from the Liberty Bell! The Holler's have also been considering a move to Hawaii, and well, duh, when we have the money to do some traveling, we'll be there with bells on. Bells, whistles, kazoos, and harmonicas-we'll be throwing a parade all the way to the Holler doorstep, where ever that might be.


icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

You're wonderful. You should know that I reciprocate all of the feelings your talking about. Seriously, you're the best friend ever.

I appreciate you so much.

Now, it's funny to think that our friendship had such a weird start. It seems so insignificant. I guess everyone has to kiss a few iphrogs...

nikkol said...

noice! well said. it sux that ho didn't work out, but i'm glad y'all are still friends. =)

Laura Seymour said...

iphrogs! i love it.